Licensing Options

There are a number of ways to license images from my site. Images may be commissioned directly by assignment, licensed as existing stock images from the Pete McArthur Image Library, or commissioned as Custom Stock images.

Rights Managed: All of the images available for license in the Pete McArthur Image Library are Rights managed images. The images are also protected by U.S. copyright and are licensed by Pete McArthur Visual Art Services, Inc. Use of any image from the or websites without prior written permission from Pete McArthur is prohibited, and all image use is non-transferable to third parties. Each image license will define the following terms and conditions for use:

  • Media and Placement: The type of media and how and were the image appears
  • Exclusivity: The extent of the same image being used by other licensees within the same period, region or industry.
  • Period of Use: Period ranges from one to multiple times and described in three-month periods.
  • Agreement of Terms: Permission to use any image is granted by license only. The invoice for image usage must be paid in full before usage is transferred to the licensee.

Custom Stock: This is a licensing option that I have been offering to clients as a way of combining existing work from my stock library with new images that are created specifically for their projects. Pricing is broken into stock usage rates for the existing images, plus fees and expenses for the the custom images. While the base license is non-exclusive as with all stock images, the newly created image being a hybrid has a built-in exclusivity in that it has no prior use and is generally exclusive for the first ninety days. Additional use and exclusivity may always be added to any Custom Stock image.

Enterprise Library: For some of my clients I have created custom stock libraries that I call Enterprise Libraries. Images are leased in packages and can be organized by use period, exclusivity, region and industry all within the same library. Images are routinely updated as new products are added and all metadata and keywords are coordinated with project information. Each client’s image library in managed from a secure website where user access is available at any time.

Background and Component Images: I am in the process of creating libraries of backgrounds and foundation themed images that may be combined with various component images. Components are pre-outlined for easy composite by the client directly.

Concept and Presentation: All of my custom work is first sketched and comped before execution as I prefer working from approved layouts. I can work from a creative brief, a headline, a manuscript, an image sample, your own rough sketch, or even a short phone conversation. One way or another, I will find the image you’re looking for, within budget and by your deadline with no surprises.



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