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Welcome to the newly refurbished Pete McArthur website. I have finally moved on from the original site launched in 1997 and after trying a number of other photography web portals, decided to just do this myself in WordPress.  I am doing more custom stock work these days than in the past, so the site is still somewhat stock oriented, rather than organized by specialty, as it would be for product shooting. The “home” is where to go for help with site navigation, to review and download my portfolios, get pricing on images and projects, an introduction to custom stock workflow, and how to get a hold of me with any problems, questions, or suggestions.

The images in the galleries are all sRGB jpegs, 1000 pixels high @ 72 ppi which should work pretty well for comps. Just drag them to your desk top. Most of the high res scans are from 4×5 Velvia transparencies, scanned 12×15 @ 400 ppi, Adobe RGB  98, reproduction quality files.

All of my images are protected by U.S. copyright, have author information imbedded in the metadata, are are key worded. Of the images that are available as stock, all are rights managed. None of these images have ever been licensed as royalty free, so exclusivity is an option. Some images are only available for editorial use, or have exclusivity limitations, but I will alert you these if applicable.

Finding images:

Navigation: Lead Pages along Tool Bar

  • Portfolio Page: for a quick idea of what things I can do with various subjects for your own information, or for your client’s. This is divided into broad categories of Faces, Places, Things, and Ideas. The lead page shows thumbnails of all images included in the gallery. Click on any thumbnail to go to that same image within the gallery.
  • Stock Categories: All told I have around 2500 images. The most efficient way to find what you’re looking for, is by browsing by categories. So far I have Animals/Animal Likeness, Backgrounds, Food, People and Figures. There will be more to come as a way of dispersing the collection into useful collections. Click on any thumbnail to go to that same image within the gallery.
  • Word Search: On the top right of the site’s page is a search box. All f the images have been tagged by title, image number, category, and other descriptive keywords. After tying it in give the system a few seconds to search through the galleries and any with the same tags will pop.
  • By Year: Browse through everything on the site organized by year. This is a quick way to find a particular image, images that were shot together on certain subjects, and images that have been customized into hybrids from the same base original.

Image Galleries:

  • The Galleries have a main image preview panel with a thumbnail film strip at the bottom, buttons for play/pause, full-screen/normal, image information, comments, filmstrip hide, social media  posts, image price inquiry and comments.
  • Image Price Quote-click on:  Interested in buying this image? (See link above “COMMENTS”)
  • For questions regarding a particular image. Copy/Paste the image number in the Leave a Comment box with your comment, then Post the comment. I’ll get right back to you in either case. You can do images individually, or put a collection together in Pintrest, and send mw a link to your collection for feedback.

Other Pages:

  • Custom Stock: Suggested uses, samples, pricing, workflow and advantages of custom modified stock images.
  • Projects: Past and current work that is helpful for reference. Some pages are password protected for client confidentiality.
  • Blog: Links directly to my educational site used for my college, private and secondary students as an electronic classroom. Some pages are password protected for student confidentiality. The sidebar has some useful links for tutorials and general photographic links to equipment, diagrams, calendars and archives.

Please take a moment and let me know who you are, and any thoughts you may have on the kind of images you might be looking for. I have worked with numerous art directors, designers and editors over the years and would be happy to assist in anyway I could to help you find or create the best image for your communication needs. The “Leave a Reply Box” that follows the Contact Box has a couple of check boxes to click if you want to be alerted to occasional blog posts.

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