I am a commercial still life photographer who started out as a graphic designer and steadily became more interested in photography the more I got into it. In addition, I have enjoyed teaching photography since 1992 at the college level.  Through teaching, I have found that my understanding of art has deepened exponentially.  Ironically, I have also probably learned more from my students over the years than they have from me. It’s definitely been a win-win situation.

I have had the good fortune to have worked with some of the best art directors, designers, and crews around; they have helped shaped my work and my methods of approaching visual problems. Of one thing I am certain, art cannot happen in a vacuum. Without the encouragement and honest critique of colleagues, clients, and publishers, much of my photographic work would not have been half as good or relevant as it is.

Pete McArthur, May 24, 2015

Email: mail@petemcarthur.com

Phone: (310) 600-6027

Los Angeles, CA

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