6 Games To Play If You Like Peglin (2024)

Peglin is an indie roguelike turn-based RPG where, rather than picking your actions from a list, you act by shooting orbs and busting pegs. The amount of pegs you destroy affects the power of your moves, and the kind of orb you fling determines what actions you take.

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Though simple in execution, it’s a game that’s quite easy to lose yourself in. Peglin scratches many itches in terms of mechanics with its combination of roguelike randomness, min-maxing, and the sweet, sweet joy of busting pegs. If it’s your cup of tea, you’ll probably like these other titles.

6 Peggle Series

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A classic, to be sure, but the Peggle games still hold up to modern gaming. Perhaps the first game of its kind (unless we’re counting Japanese Pachinko machines), it pioneered a formula the Peglin benefited from greatly.

Basically Peglin without the roguelike or item-gathering elements, you’re tasked with beating stages by destroying all the orange pegs in them. There are some interesting flourishes in the form of powers that change the behavior of your ball, similar to the behavior of some of the more interesting orbs in Peglin. But by and large, Peggle games tend to be straightforward.

5 Roundguard

A roguelike game where you beat enemies by launching orbs at pegs, gaining random power-ups as you get further into the game. Broadly, it sounds familiar, right? Well, what’s important are the details. In this case, the pegs are the enemies themselves. The orb being launched? That’s you.

The two games are pretty similar, but in Roundguard, you have way more control over where your orb goes by using abilities that allow you to alter your trajectory, change the behavior of your orb, fire off attacks, etc. You’ll need that extra control, too, since where you land is more important in Roundguard, with most levels having damaging spikes at the bottom and a soft cushion constantly moving above those spikes.

Primarily, you attack enemies by launching yourself at them, exchanging blows in the process. If your health depletes to zero, your run is over. You beat the levels by defeating every enemy. The game has four character classes, each with unique abilities that set them apart from the others.

4 Pachillinko

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At the end of the day, what do all these games (except for Backpack Hero) have in common? At their core, they’re about balls moving, mostly down. Pachillinko is a distillation of that concept down to its most basic form. Not all games will do it for everybody, but that goes double for this game, which is light on the actual ‘gaming’ aspect of video games.

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More like a meditative exercise than a game, Pachillinko is an Idler where you can choose to play either Pachinko or Plinko, and you’re rewarded with money to buy more balls, which you can use to continue playing. You can also use the money to upgrade your stuff to make the process more efficient. But in general, you watch balls drop to an 80’s synth-wave aesthetic and soundtrack. If the chill vibes seem up your alley, the $2 price tag makes it worth a shot.

3 Rollers Of The Realm

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This one is more of a pinball-style game than pachinko. Nevertheless, if you’ve got a fever and the only prescription is to see some physics-based marble action, Rollers Of The Realm has you covered. Like a D&D-themed pinball machine, this game puts you in control of a motley party of uniquely skilled individuals in a mystical medieval setting.

Each stage has tasks, which you’ll need to use precise flipper work and the unique skills of your party members to complete so that you can unlock the exit and head to the next one. There’s also a combat component where you launch your characters at enemies and avoid ending up at the pit at the bottom while you do it.

The game is charming, with cheesy voice work (but in a good way), and the gameplay is fun and unlike most entries in this list. While not exactly award-winning, there’s a story that is still good enough to accompany the game, with a cast of characters that are so nostalgia-inducing that you won’t even mind that they’re shallow and generic.

2 Backpack Hero

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While not being a game about flinging orbs or destroying pegs, Backpack Hero has a surprising amount of things in common with Peglin. Lack of orbs aside, both games are roguelike turn-based RPGs emphasizing items as a source of power.

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Of course, this game has a much bigger emphasis on items since they’re your means of attacking, defending, and staying alive. An inventory management simulator in the vein of a Save Room Organization puzzle combo, the game is about getting items and putting them in the titular backpack in advantageous arrangements. You traverse dungeons, beat up bad guys, level up, and the most valuable thing of all: unlock more storage space.

1 Ritual: Sorcerer Angel

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Sometimes, you just want to run around and fire off spells like an elemental pinball of doom, which is the very specific niche that Ritual: Sorcerer Angel fills. As the titular spellcaster, your task is to run around a room full of enemies and then eliminate those enemies.

Your magical avatar is essentially a pinball whose direction you can influence; When you run into objects, you bounce off them. Crucially, if the object is an enemy, you hurt each other. You can also fling spells around, making your damage more widespread. Though the game is simple, it has plenty of skills and spells you can mix and match for what the developer claims to be trillions of combinations.

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6 Games To Play If You Like Peglin (2024)


What type of game is peglin? ›

Peglin is an indie roguelike turn-based RPG where, rather than picking your actions from a list, you act by shooting orbs and busting pegs.

How many levels does peglin have? ›

Each of the 16 levels add more hazards - such as increasing enemy health, changing map generation, etc. Start each run with +1 Pebball. Pebballs have -0/-1. Miniboss battles can appear in ?

What does the egg do in peglin? ›

The main reason for taking the Egg is to give it to the Peglin Chef in the Castle in exchange for The Cake, which will grant +50 max HP. If the player does not encounter the event prior to the boss fight, it can be used as a quick heal in an emergency.

How much is the full game of peglin? ›

Steam price history
CurrencyCurrent PriceConverted Price
U.S. Dollar$13.99 at -30%$13.99
Russian Ruble304 ₽ at -30%$3.49
Kazakhstani Tenge1855₸ at -30%$3.94
Chinese Yuan¥ 32.20 at -30%$4.43
37 more rows

What engine is Peglin made in? ›

May: We were going back and forth a bit about whether to port Fowl Damage to another engine, since I'm the only one at Red Nexus Games with a lot of experience in GameMaker. There was so much work done on the game already, and I'm really glad we decided to stick with GameMaker for this project.

How long is peglin? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Peglin is about 4½ Hours in length.

Is peglin a roguelike? ›

Peglin is a Pachinko Roguelike - Fight enemies by collecting special orbs and popping pegs to deal damage. Acquire special relics that radically change the game and ensure no two runs are the same. Aim carefully to survive in this unique turn-based RPG!

What kinda game is Tetris? ›

Tetris (Russian: Тетрис) is a puzzle video game created in 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov, a Soviet software engineer.

What type of game is an otome game? ›

An otome game (Japanese: 乙女ゲーム, Hepburn: otome gēmu, lit. "maiden game") is a story-based romance video game targeted towards women with only a female protagonist as the player character.

What kind of game is arcade? ›

The term "arcade game" can refer to an action video game designed to play similarly to an arcade game with frantic, addictive gameplay. The focus of arcade action games is on the user's reflexes, and many feature very little puzzle-solving, complex thinking, or strategy skills.

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