How to Use Your Own Truck for Delivery Jobs With No CDL (2024)

Some jobs require potential employees to have specific credentials. That could come in the form of an educational degree, state and or federal licensing, demonstrated experience under the guidance of an expert, etc. The standard to be a professional driver is a commercial driver's license or CDL. To obtain a CDL requires a proscribed amount of class time and driving hours. The entire process is typically done in about two months.

However, there are multiple opportunities to earn a living or just get more money as a driver without a CDL. And it starts with simply having your own truck. Let's look at some of the ways to earn money that don't require a CDL.

Hotshot Trucking

One can do hotshot trucking without a CDL as it does not require a tractor-trailer. This is because loads are generally smaller and rather than making long cross country like hauls, hotshot trucking is local. A driver typically makes multiple time-dependent deliveries in a day. Multiple industries use hotshot drivers, including construction.

To be a hotshot driver requires a limited amount of equipment, with the truck being the first and most costly (by far). Because of the smaller loads, there are plenty of opportunities for drivers to use their own pickup trucks and flatbeds. Since the runs tend to be local, there's less of a time commitment. So, a driver can do hotshot trucking in addition to another job (or solely).

Local Couriers

Another type of professional driving that can be done without a CDL is a local courier. Like a hotshot driver, a local courier deals with small loads that can be delivered with a standard truck. And as the name applies, it involves local routes. Lastly, there's an expectation that the delivery will be made quickly.

As a courier, a driver works only after an order is placed. The local courier is making one to one delivery – there are not multiple stops along the way to deliver each item/load. Although a local courier may make multiple deliveries a day, the driver can make as little as one. It's up to the courier to determine if they want to make more money. Many companies that use local couriers allow the courier to determine their driving schedule. This flexibility makes it perfect for those who have their truck and would like to make extra money (more deliveries equals more money).

Online Delivery Apps

Ever get a delivery from Amazon? Of course, you have. Who hasn't at this point? While it may seem like Amazon is the only online delivery app, there are also the food apps (DoorDash anyone?) and many more. To be a driver for any of these online delivery apps does not require a CDL.

Online delivery drivers are in every neighborhood in the country. So, it's clear such drivers may be in their vehicle whether it's a truck or even something smaller. However, truck owners can make more deliveries more easily since they have larger vehicles that can store more products and a greater variety. After all, not everyone is buying small items on Amazon and the other online delivery apps. Again, those interested in using their truck (or any other vehicle) have an opportunity to earn more money.

Earning More Money with Your Vehicle

The classic way people can use their pickup truck is for food delivery. Remember the old guarantee from Domino’s - delivery within 30 minutes or a free pizza? For many young people, their first job was delivering food, whether its pizza or some other food. It's not just for young people as food delivery offers a way to make money with your vehicle. And no CDL is necessary.

The great thing about delivering pizza is it's easy to get into and relatively simple. However, this also has its downsides. Delivering inexpensive items such as pizza pays generally does not pay well. The only way to earn decent money is through volume. More trips lead to lots of wear and tear on your vehicle. In addition, the extra trips mean more gas use which drags down your income.

On the other hand, transporting more valuable cargo means a person can earn more money since there's a larger pie to split. So, drivers can earn more money with their pickup trucks if they strive to find work dealing in more expensive cargo.

Consider Curri

Drivers that are interested in working with more valuable cargo should consider becoming a driver for Curri. The job offers freedom as you can choose to drive as often as you want. And you can make that choice based on pay. Drivers can see the payout of an available delivery in the Curri driver app before accepting the gig. And by the way, we'll take care of the tolls. So, you know how much money you will earn before you put your foot on the gas.

How to Use Your Own Truck for Delivery Jobs With No CDL (2024)
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