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Aug 03, 2022

New Features & Content New Boss: The Super Sapper! - This boss brings some unique pegboard mechanics and both a strong offense and defense to provide a nefariou...

2 files — 0.7.44

The First Cruciball Levels Are Here! v0.7.20

May 20, 2022

The Cruciball is here! Put your Peglin skills to the test or find your ideal difficulty in this unlockable difficulty ladder. The Cruciball will appear on the n...

2 files — 0.7.20

Peglin Early Access Release!


Apr 25, 2022

Hi all! The next stage of our Peglin journey is here! Mirroring our Early Access release on Steam, Peglin is now available for purchase on, which let's...

2 files — 0.7.12

Early Access Inbound!


Apr 21, 2022

Hi everyone! v0.7.7 is our last demo update as we turn our attention fully to our Early Access version of the game (releasing here on April 25th at 19:00 GMT! )...

2 files — 0.7.7

v0.5.56 Demo Update - Forest Bosses!


Nov 09, 2021

We've just pushed a huge new update to the demo! New orbs, relics, pegboards, and boss fights! Full patch notes can be found over on Steam: https://store.steamp...

2 files — v0.5.57

Peglin v0.5.45 Update! Aimer Improvements!


Sep 19, 2021

v0.5.45 is now live with a metric tonne of aimer improvement goodness! You can read the full patch notes here:

2 files — 0.5.45

Peglin Demo v0.5.41!

Aug 31, 2021

v0.5.41 is live now! It brings a new miniboss fight and lots of Quality of Life features, the biggest being the new Enemy Preview option. There's also a handful...

2 files — 0.5.41

Jun 06, 2021

Not too much to see yet unfortunately, we're still working away on core systems (saving!) and the castle content for the full game. We did however sneak two bet...

2 files


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StickyRed Nexus Games Discord

Hey everyone :) We'd love to have you join the studio discord if you're interested in chatting and/or learning more abou...

started by Gedig May 15, 2020


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[BUG Report] - Orbrasion not working.

I'm not sure what caused it, could be a relic I have or Mirrorb. It does not do self damage or add muscircle. If it was...

started by Ze_ko 52 days ago

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Ze_ko52 days ago

It's hard to beat the game on the first try

I was playing and wanted to know if it was difficult to beat it on the first try

started by doidoloco11 Jan 08, 2024


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Bug report - Square Pegs for Goblin boss don't grant Ballwark

Had a lvl3 protectorb as my first orb going into the boss, so hadn't cleared any of the Square Pegs that hide the board...

started by FaultinItch Dec 05, 2023


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ima sell my liver to buy this game

or maybe only fans

started by xavier_leleel Aug 07, 2023


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Bug reports in v0.9.22

Hi, I found two four minor bugs in Peglin. 1. Any time you enter the character select screen from the main menu, the cru...

started by Theev_o Jul 13, 2023

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Theev_oJul 13, 2023

Bug Report - Cruciball disappeared

As the title says, one day I opened the game and the cruciball challenge wasn't there to be activated. No graphic, no te...

started by Isabel Jun 07, 2023

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IsabelJun 12, 2023

Bug Report - Tooltip permanence

When trying to fight a boss I had the Ballwark effect active, and mouse hovering over it since I was still getting used...

started by PoisenM May 11, 2023

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GedigMay 15, 2023

Round Guard Softlock

This is a pretty minor problem since it would require the player to make a pretty obviously bad decision but I was able...

started by TMOL Aug 22, 2022

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fizzfaldt@gmail.comMar 18, 2023

Bug Report Refresh shield does not trigger Cookie healing

As the title says, no healing is awarded when you have both the Refresh Shield and the Cookie, I acquired them in order...

started by Koenigsgeier Aug 29, 2022


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Bug Report - crit hits overflow

Not sure if this is a bug or it's meant to work this way. I had the Critiball and the Critsomallos Fleece + Electropegne...

started by kyrienotatio Jun 23, 2022


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Bug Report - Orb Phasing Through Pegs

I just encountered a very strange bug, where the orb would phase through random pegs. It happened just after picking up...

started by 7layerstorm Jun 21, 2022

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GedigJun 21, 2022

When is it coming to android

Needs to be on Android

started by Mhamad hero YT May 04, 2022

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Mhamad hero YTMay 31, 2022

0.7.20 - Cheese bug

In this version, with the cheese relic, if the last enemy on screen is killed by the cheese on a reload, your turn doesn...

started by darnn May 22, 2022

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GedigMay 23, 2022


hi. loving the game so far. spent a couple of days with it, got a win, and thought i'd set it aside until it came out of...

started by darnn May 18, 2022

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GedigMay 20, 2022

Publishing to Switch

Hi there, Jake from Spacefarer Games here. Would you be interested in publishing this game for Switch? We can definately...

started by Spacefarer Games DIRECT May 17, 2022


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Recently I have been experiencing a problem where the peglin will just not throw the stone causing a softlock

started by Cavemass May 02, 2022

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GedigMay 03, 2022

Bug Report

I couldn't find where to submit bug reports, so I'm doing so here. Regularly can't clear the mole boss. When defeated th...

started by Jank Studio Apr 26, 2022

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Lucas CardosoApr 27, 2022

Mod support?

I love this game a TON and am looking forward to the release :) . It would be cool if mod support was built in to the ga...

started by lukachukai2 Apr 22, 2022

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lukachukai2Apr 25, 2022

Acts 2 and 3

how do you access acts 2 and 3? I’ve seen YouTubers play them but I can’t find it for myself, like I can beat act...

started by LazyDroid Apr 22, 2022

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LazyDroidApr 23, 2022


How do I get past the forest, to the castle ? It doesn't give me the option.

started by Macerator420 Apr 21, 2022

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Macerator420Apr 22, 2022

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Is peglin a roguelike? ›

Peglin is a Pachinko Roguelike - Fight enemies by collecting special orbs and popping pegs to deal damage. Acquire special relics that radically change the game and ensure no two runs are the same. Aim carefully to survive in this unique turn-based RPG!

What platform is Peglin on? ›

About this game

The award-winning roguelike-deckbuilder Peglin is finally available on Android!

What is the difference between a roguelike and a roguelike? ›

Additionally, rogue-lites usually blend various genres, such as platformers, beat'em up games or even turn-based strategies with roguelike mechanics, while roguelikes are usually dungeon crawlers/action RPGs with hardcore difficulty. Rogue-lite games also tend to be shorter than classic roguelikes.

What counts as a roguelike? ›

Roguelike (or rogue-like) is a style of role-playing game traditionally characterized by a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels, turn-based gameplay, grid-based movement, and permanent death of the player character.

Is the serpent rogue a roguelike? ›

The Serpent Rogue is a 2022 indie roguelike video game developed by Sengi Games and published by Team17.

Is Moonlighter a roguelike? ›

Summary Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements that demonstrates two sides of the coin – revealing everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that secretly dreams of becoming a hero.

Is Zenless Zone Zero a roguelike? ›

Zenless Zone Zero features real-time combat with roguelike elements. Additionally, to complement these features, you'll participate in story and side quests, uncovering the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world you explore and battle through.

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